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Original Skarner

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· Availability:
880 Price in RP
· Release date
Release date:
· Loot eligible (available in chests) Loot eligible
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· Voice actor
Voice actor:
David Lodge
· Skin set
Splash artist:
Wesley Keil

Skarner is an immense crystalline scorpion from a hidden valley in Shurima. Part of the ancient Brackern race, Skarner and his kin are known for their great wisdom and deep connection to the land, as their souls are fused with powerful life crystals which hold the living thoughts and memories of their ancestors. In an age long past, the Brackern entered hibernation to avoid untold magical destruction, but recent, threatening events have roused Skarner. As the only Brackern awake, he strives to protect his kind from those who seek to harm them.

Original Skarner splash art wallpaper

Original Skarner

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