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Kareem Kamal

Frontend Developer

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League of Legends skin feed

An always up to date feed of the latest league of legends skins and their videos.

It uses a cron job to check for the latest League of Legends version from Riot API, then if any new skins were added it looks up the skin using Youtube API, keeps a copy of the skin list with the added data (youtube video ID and release date) in firestore.

The way it's built, I can forget about it for years and it will still be up to date.

What the cost

A special calculator where you input the price and usage information of a product and get the price for owning and using it.

Auto Tetris

I was thinking of how a Tetris board would be represented on a 2d array and ended up creating this.


You can have 1% chance of success and succeed the first time, or 80% chance of success and fail 10 times in a row.

I find this fascinating, so I created a tool for testing the odds.

League of Legends Random Skin Selector

In league of legends people can have multiple skins for the same champion, the game does not offer the option to select a random skin, so I created this tool to do that.

The project uses Riot Games' API to get the data, therefore it's always up to date!

Town Faker

This project was made to solve two problems.

  1. League of legends has no local ranking per country/city, people would like to know that.

  2. It's hard to find league of legends players within your area who have a similar ranking.

It uses Riot Games API to fetch players' data and Firebase for caching it, handling API limits and accessing the API through cloud functions.

My story

Sharing more about myself with the world!

Ping Visualizer

Ping represents the network delay between your inputs and the action being excuted ingame.

I found it hard to think of with just a number, how much is 152 affecting my in-game performance? so I created this tool.

Despite its simplicity, it got a lot of traction on reddit (4.5k upvotes), and is getting hundreds of users every month since then.

Color Selector

My first project of this type, it generates two random colors and provides their HEX code.