Included champions (167)

Excluded champions (0)

    Patch 14.14.1 - total 167 champion

    All champions have equal odds, the randomizer is using Math.random function from JavaScript at the core of the selection and doesn't add any extra weights.

    Champions in each position are the same as what's used inside the League of Legends client

    1. What is the Random LoL Champion Picker?

    The Random LoL Champion Picker is a tool designed to assist League of Legends players in selecting champions for their games in a fun and unpredictable manner. This tool allows you to choose from various options, including one or multiple roles, one or multiple classes, and the capability to include or exclude specific champions from the random selection.

    2. How to Use the Random LoL Champion Picker?

    Using the Random LoL Champion Picker is simple and convenient:

    3. Can I Select Multiple Roles and Classes at Once?

    Yes, you can choose one or multiple roles and classes simultaneously, allowing you to customize your random champion selection to better suit your gaming preferences and strategies.

    4. How is the Tool Updated with the Latest Champions?

    The Random LoL Champion Picker automatically stays up-to-date with the most recent League of Legends champions. It continuously fetches the latest champion data from reliable sources and integrates them into the selection pool.

    5. Future Plans for the Tool

    Our future plans for the tool include the addition of a feature that allows users to assign weights to their preferred options. This means you can make certain roles, classes, or champions more or less likely to be selected during the randomization process, providing you with enhanced control and customization.

    6. Can I Use the Random LoL Champion Picker in Champion Select During a League of Legends Game?

    The tool is primarily designed for pre-game enjoyment and strategy. While it can be used for inspiration during champion select, it does not have direct integration with the League of Legends client.