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Original Dr. Mundo

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Dr. Mundo
· Availability:
260 Price in RP
· Release date
Release date:
· Loot eligible (available in chests) Loot eligible
Skin set
· Voice actor
Voice actor:
Armen Taylor
· Skin set
Splash artist:
Alex 'alexplank' Flores

Utterly insane, unrepentantly homicidal, and horrifyingly purple, Dr. Mundo is what keeps many of Zaun’s citizens indoors on particularly dark nights. This monosyllabic monstrosity seems to want nothing more than pain—both the giving of it, and the receiving of it. Wielding his massive meat cleaver as if it were weightless, Mundo is infamous for capturing and torturing dozens of Zaun’s citizens for his nefarious 'operations,' which seem to have no overall point or goal. He is brutal. He is unpredictable. He goes where he pleases. He is also not, technically, a doctor.

Original Dr. Mundo splash art wallpaper

Original Dr. Mundo

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