Kareem Kamal

Web Developer and ITI Graduate

kareemkamal91@gmail.com - 00201278861411 - http://kkmet.com

About Me

  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Infromation Systems from Alexandria University
  • Joined the Information Technology Institute after graduation which is a 9 months scholarship and the best training program for developers in Egypt
  • 27 years old
  • From Alexandria, Egypt

Work Experience

Frontend Web Developer - Qurba
September 2018 - Present
Qurba is a startup working on its own product which is a multi platform nearby locations recommendation/directory service, I'm responsible for building the place manager web app in Angular, along with a team of backend developer, designer, iOS and Android developers.

Frontend Web Developer - Freelancer
September 2017 - Present
Started web development work along with attending ITI , had enough sucess there to live through ITI using freelance earnings, I also acquired top rated status on the platform and built great relationships with a variety of clients from all over the world based on good quality of work.

  • Work Examples
  • https://www.vavoom.com.au: an online Australian furniture store, created the frontend for the website and added new features such as search suggestion and product filtering.
  • https://snacter.com: news and media aggregator, backend built in ruby, worked along with the backend developer on the grid system of the data
  • https://nevesu.com: fitness website, built the frontend for the website from scratch
  • http://www.niigonabin.com/: USA based NGO offering resolution services, I did both the design and development for this site

Customer Service Representative - [Vodafone UK, Samsung Gulf, Du, Freedom Mobile Canada]
2013 - May 2017
Worked in customer service with the top companies in different regions, which helped a lot with my communication and language skills and gave me enough time to sharpen my programming skills.

Programming Skills

Angular 6














Other Skills

English [fluent]

Typing [~73 WPM]

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

UX Design

Web Design