Kareem Kamal

Web Developer

kareemkamal91@gmail.com - 00201278861411 - http://kkmet.com

About Me

  • Bachelor's degree in Infromation Systems from Alexandria University
  • Diploma from the Information Technology Institute after graduation which is a 9 months scholarship and the best training program for developers in Egypt
  • 27 years old
  • From Alexandria, Egypt

Work Experience

Frontend Web Developer - Qurba
September 2018 - Present
I'm responsible for building the web version of Qurba which includes multiple websites and web apps, such as the main user web app which is built in Angular 6, Place manager app, admin panel (built in a nodejs backend with ejs) along with branding and micro sites.

Frontend Web Developer - Freelancer
September 2017 - Present
In September 2017 I quit my job in Vodafone UK's call center because I was accepted in ITI which is the best development diploma in Egypt and I had to commit to it full time, being married with a pregnant wife I had to secure another source of income, and That's when I started freelancing on Upwork.
working there was a great way of studying for my diploma, and a decent source of income that kept getting better along with my experience level.
After finishing ITI freelance income was already better than any fulltime job, however I believe that experience is a better long term investment than money, so I waited for the right opportunity to improve and started working as an Angular developer along with freelancing.

Customer Service Representative - [Vodafone UK, Samsung Gulf, Du, Freedom Mobile Canada]
2013 - May 2017
Worked in customer service with the top companies in different regions, which helped a lot with my communication and language skills and gave me enough time to sharpen my programming skills.

Programming Skills


Angular 2+









Other Skills

English [fluent]

Typing [~73 WPM]

Agile Software Development

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

UX Design

Web Design